2022 Debuting players

Hey Niv,

Witt is showing out of the Royals lineup right now, but looks like he’s hitting 2nd. Just thought I’d let you know, thanks!

  • Drew

Should be fixed shortly.

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Also Jeremy Pena has the big red X (but is secretly in the Astro’s line-up).


Tork has the x today and is in the lineup

I missed Pena yesterday but he should be good going forward.

Torkelson should be fixed shortly.

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Add Bryson Stott to the list. Busy opening week of debuts!

Thanks! Stott should be all set.

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Ran into this with Heliot Ramos today in league 800 where he was removed from an owner’s lineup automatically.

Should be fixed going forward.

Thanks for your help and quick response, Niv!

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Hi there- wanted to post here as I recently had Ramos called up and tried starting him in his debut yet it showed him out of starting lineup. Seems like Gore may be called up Friday and didn’t want the same thing to happen. How do players get updated for their debuts? Just want to be able to use some of my rookies when they’re up.

I gotta do em manually so any time there’s a debut upcoming let me know. This is because of all the moving parts with our various data providers.

Not sure who Gore is so a link to a player page for any upcoming debuts is extremely appreciated.

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MacKenzie Gore should be set for Friday.

Thank you!!!


An owner in a league I commission started Kyle Bradish yesterday and did not receive any stats for the start. I’m guessing there could be a glitch caused by his recent promotion.

Could you send me a link to the Today’s Stats page with their team name?

Team name is Sonny Gray Real Estate

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Checking it out!