2x Managers Wanted for $50 #1 Simple Points Basketball League

Here’s your chance to join the best simple points league in the world!
Fun league in a fun format! Greatly enjoying it!
Both teams are paid up until the end of the season!

Teams available:
No Easy Buckets

No Easy Buckets has been claimed!
Wimble remains! JOIN!

Have both spots been filled?

sorry for the late reply! Wimble is still available! let me know if you are interested!?

roster below!

Yes I’m still interested!

let me know your otto username and we’ll get you in there asap, so you can be active for the trade deadline if you’d like!

My user is Kendrick1 and I look forward to making some moves!

you’re in! welcome to the league! i’ll make a post! but feel free to start tinkering as you see fit!