3 Managers needed for established 7 year old $20 SABR Points League

Three mangers needed for a $20 SABR points league Effectively Wild Dynasty

A fun competitive dynasty league of Effectively Wild podcast fans

Grab one of these teams for a quick rebuild and play in a league with interesting/innovative scoring.

Feel free to reach out to with any questions.


The Whammers

Light Tower Power

Join the league, attempt to finish ahead of me.

I have claimed Kalle. 2 to go y’all.

My name is Jon. I would be interested in taking the last team but would leave it up to you. I am retired in my 70’s. So I have time to be active. Haven’t played fantasy baseball in 20 some years. Ottoneu has caught my attention. I am in a brand new league in ottoneu and it seems like a fit for me there so I can learn the game from the beginning. I think it would be fun to have a second team. I have played ootp the last 15 years so I think my knowledge of players is strong. I can take the truth if you don’t think you want a rookie to deal with. I understand.
So thanks for your response


Get Jon in the league, Commish.