3 Sport Super League Interest?

Now that basketball has been added I am looking to see if there is any interest in putting together a 3 sport super league? I’ve put together a draft constitution. We would need to have 12 managers who are willing to join Basketball, Baseball and Football together as a group. There would be prizes for each individual sport per Ottoneu guidelines but the owner who does the best in all three sports combined would also win a cash prize held in LeagueSafe. I’m thinking we would start at the $50 level.

Send me a DM or email at joemac63z@yahoo.com if interested.

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Football happening this season?

No next season. Need to get all owners in each league first. Hope to start with NBA, then MLB and finish with NFL.

Love to get in, sounds like a great idea!

Would be interested in this!

OK looks like this idea is picking up some interest! If I can get a couple more owners who are interested I will get everything going. I already setup a $50 NBA Ottoneu league. If we can get at least 8 owners that are interested I’ll coordinate everything on Leaguesafe.

Very cool love the idea