3 team trades

I think an option to offer a 3 team trade would be helpful. We had 3 teams agree to a trade through the messaging feature but had to complete the trade in several transactions to make it happen. It was able to get done, but was confusing and difficult to pull off.


Is this a fantasy football wishlist request? If it’s fantasy baseball I second this!

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This was a fantasy baseball wish list item.

I like this idea too, though I do not know how hard it would be to implement.

Is the reason for not doing it as a series of trades because it would take multiple review windows to fully process?

It might not be ideal, but I believe that a commissioner could manually reassign players from one team from another. So you could process one the trades (A<=>B) as normal and then anything else (i.e., A<=>C or B<=>C) as commissioner reassignments. Just make sure that the entire league understands what is going on (i.e., league message board and perhaps a commissioner-initiated email).

There are a few reason why it would be nice to be able to have it in one trade.

  1. So the league can easily vote to approve or veto a trade.
  2. So the commish doesn’t have to put out a poll to approve/veto a trade and then manually execute the trade via commish tools.
  3. So the teams involved in the trade can more easily see the trade offers and the salary cap impact on the trade.

3 team trades don’t happen a lot, but it would be a nice tool to have implemented. I think they would become slightly more common if there was a way to offer/accept 3 team trades instead of doing everything through messenger.

It’s obviously Niv’s decision and prerogative as the developer, but it seems to me like it would be a lot of work on his part to expand the capabilities of the trading system that would be utilized by very people. In addition, a more complex system means that there’s going to be increased potential for user error, which will require manual intervention using the commissioner tools to fix.

Basically, the juice isn’t worth the squeeze, as the saying goes. If teams want to make multistage trades, they can do within the existing system. Or if they want to expedite the process, then they can do so with the existing commissioner’s tools while informing the league of what is happening via the league message board and/or commissioner emails. The development of a more robust trading system to handle 3 (or more) trade partners is simply unnecessary.

So, FWIW, I’d place this item very low on the priority list of features that would improve Ottoneu.

I appreciate the conversation here and the detail given for why this would be useful.

Ultimately, multi-party trades are very hard to actually agree to and pull off - exponentially harder than 2 team trades. The amount of work to move from 2 party trades to 3+ party trades is pretty substantial, so while I think this would be a really cool thing for the platform to support, it may not be engaged with for a while. The amount of work for a feature that would be used maybe 10 times a year doesn’t seem worth it to me as of right now.

Directionally it is interesting and aligned with Ottoneu so I am not totally dismissing this, and again I appreciate those of you who chimed in with interest on this wishlist item today.