3 teams available in league 653

3 teams available in league 653-- one would be a complete expansion team. will be making this league at least a $50 league for 2018. We are just completing our second year. Competitive league with 9 committed owners.

Which teams are available?

Mookie in the Middle & La Familia can be taken over. The Empty Team could be had too-- that would be a start-up from scratch-- we’ve been an 11 team league these first 2 years.

If the la familia team is available and you’re still looking for an owner, I can take it over.
When is the draft?

Thanks for your interest.

There is someone I have already communicated with who is trying to get in the league, but there was a little glitch with the password.

He may take La Familia, and I’d have to let him since I promised him his choice of slot.

Let’s see whether he chooses Familia or the expansion team and then we’ll know.


Ok as I expected La Famillia has been claimed. The Empty Team franchise, perhaps a challenge, remains available.

Three team, including The Empty Team, will be doing allocations. I expect some good players will shake loose for the draft, for anyone willing to accept the challenge. And of course you’d have the full $400 budget.

Jump in if you like scondon4. There’s a password for the league which I can give you if you like.

I can be reached at dcrowell@berkeley.edu