4x4 Openings

Looking for a few owners in a 4x4 league. It is a second year league with a good amount of activity, the league has it’s own dedicated Slack chat… Owners are only leaving because they didn’t like the format. We will definitely welcome any first timers to Ottoneu, a league like this is a great place to learn. First come first pick of which of the open teams you would want. DM me here or on Slack (wimble) for more info.

New year, new opening.

Looking for an owner in a 4x4 league now in it’s third year.


Is this team still available?

It is, are you interested?

I am, if you’ll have me.

Another spot just opened up in this league. If interested please let me know.


I’m interested.

This team was already claimed. Sorry.

Hello everyone! Looking for a few owners in this league again this year.

A great league with a bunch of active owners. Let me know if you are interested

Bump, still looking