5/11/2022 Astros-Twins suspended game missing stats


When will we get credit for suspended game a day ago? Thanks

When and how can I tell It got updated. I see Know change in my stats. Thanks

Yesterday, the May 12 Today’s Stats page had stats for Astros and Twins for both the resumed portion of the suspended game and the game scheduled for May 12.

Today if you go to Today’s Stats, you’ll see May 11 showing the complete stats of the suspended and now completed game and May 12 showing the stats of just the game scheduled on May 12.

This is how suspended games have worked for 3+ years now, per the thread @walt526 linked above.

Hi Niv,

When you say today, I look very early this AM and the stats were not updated. I just checked again. Under this screen I see
Alverez with 2 AB. He got 5 AB during the 11-3 game.

What am I missing

Yordan Alvarez HOU OF L $20 OF 4Batting 4 @MIN 11-3 F 3.60 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Yeah I see that, let me look into it more.

Was related to some caching that only affected some leagues. Should be fixed now.

thank you

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