5/11/2022 Today's Stats for individual players all "0"

Individual player stats on the Today’s Stats page are all showing up as zero. The team totals on the sidebar are correct, and the “Starter Totals” and “Bench Totals” are both adding up correctly.

It’s been happening every once in a while, and is apparently random. I’ve tried clearing cache and switching to a different league, still zeros.

It’s ridiculous and it happens too often. I thought it may just be me but this needs to be fixed.

I think it’s related to the Fangraphs data source. I pulled a report from Fangraphs this morning and the numbers are the same as they were yesterday.

No Game Log data in Fangraphs for 5/10 or 5/11

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Setting lineups this morning and thinking “dammit, none of my relief pitchers have pitched in several days!!”.

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A bunch of them are stuck at T9 as well. I wonder how accurate the totals even are?

Yeah I figured it was Fangraphs related. Maybe we can all contact them as well? Does anyone know the best way of doing that?

I’m usually checking those boxscores a “few” times at night anyways, so I have an idea, but it’d be nice to get that sorted out.

I’ve pinged my FanGraphs guys about this

And it looks like they have full data now so we should reflect that in 10-15 minutes

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I’ll kick the pipes on the Ottoneu side in a minute

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FanGraphs is continuing to work with their data provider on last night’s stats so we may still have a hiccup or two, but things look alright now.


Thanks, Niv!

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