5 x 5 $100 Old School Baseball League features a team that promises to make ya work for that Championship!

If you are looking for an exciting challenge and have $100 that you are looking to spend on a 5 x 5 baseball league that has some solid pieces while also providing an excellent chance to retool through the auction then, boy oh boy, do we have the league for you!

Old School Baseball is looking for a Manager to take over That’s all we got one gd damn hit. You can find it on the Claim A Team page and I’ve linked directly to the roster further below…

Yes they finished 11th last year but, you know, life sometimes gets in the way and you suddenly find yourself waking up right before the trade deadline realizing you aren’t going to keep the league and announce your early retirement and don’t make any deals or any cuts…

Yes, the roster currently has both Cal Quantrill AND Zach Plesac but YOU don’t have to KEEP either of them!

And yes, the roster currently has Hunter Dozieer AND Bobby Dalbec but again, you DON’T have to keep them!

You do get to take over a team with a solid rotation led by Wheeler and some #3’s and #4’s and a bullpen foundation of Romano and Kimbrel. Plus an offense led by Albies and, well Manzardo and Burger…?

The good news is instead of allocating we vote players off the roster in this league (I didn’t make the rules I just inherited them) and so that means you could win Elly De La Cruz, Luis Robert, Corbin Carroll and/or Eury Perez, to name a few.

Anyway. If you made it this far: thank you and high fives all around and why don’t you just click here to check out the rest of the roster and then treat yourself to the fun of joining this league!

All the best!

Matt AKA TommyJohnsCurve AKA the Commish of Old School Baseball

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