$50 New Roto 5x5 Starting if we can get 12? Drafting Thursday 9pm ET

Anyone interested in a new Roto 5x5? Please post if interested if we get 12 or get close I will start one. I am in a few Roto leagues in ottoneu and I can get some guys from those leagues if we get around 9-10 interested. Please post if interested.

A couple over there looking, myself included. Depending on when we draft, I’d be down!

I am open to any day before the start of the season on a draft. We can get a day that works for everyone.

FYI - please note user name change for me. Same awesome guy, different bat channel.

Got it Just working on two more guys

One more team needed for a $50 5x5 roto with the draft on thurs at 9 PM

New league has a few spots left. Some guys from my home league will be signing up after work. If anyone is interested its under Foulballs. All welcome.

Wednesday or Thursday?

Thurs 9 PM I had a team working all day Wed.