5MiLB system for already existing league

I’m the commish in a league that’s been around since 2012. Team owners have been asking about the 5MiLB system and if it can be added to our league. We are all in favor, but I don’t see a way to do that in the Commissioner tools or elsewhere. Am I missing something or can you only do 5MiLB in a brand new league?


5MILB is not an official part of the ottoneu platform. You’ll have to manage it on your own.

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Ohhhh, that explains it. Thanks!

Here’s some info on 5MiLB @baesbaldood4206669

I play in two leagues with 5MiLB (530 and 649), so one quick note you might want to consider:

In 530 our “call up” rule states:

5MiLB players must be added to an owner’s standard 40-man Ottoneu roster within 48 hours after the 5MiLB player incurs his first MLB PA (hitters) or IP (pitchers).

However, in 649 we tweaked this to say:

5MiLB players must be added to an owner’s standard 40-man Ottoneu roster within 48 hours after the 5MiLB player incurs his first MLB PA (hitters) or IP (pitchers) unless the player receives his first MLB PA or IP in the month of September, at which point the owner may choose to keep the player on their 5MiLB roster until the completion of arbitration (commish will add following arbitration).

I like the change in 649 better, personally. I think @ahix24 also plays in a league with 5MiLB and he may be able to offer additional feedback here.

Feel free to invite your league mates here to this thread if they have any questions about 5MiLB since we’re pretty comfortable with the format. It’s been a nice addition.

I do indeed run another league, 606, that uses 5MiLB. The September call-up rule originated there, and while the rules (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1z13WYslgZh9wX4rT_q8oPAMokQKMbvzaQsIAPrbKJyY) are almost entirely derived from the original version created for the Champs League (530) by @jjdouglas, there are a few deviations:

  1. Teams are allowed to carry as many 5MiLB prospects as they can acquire during the season, but before the 5MiLB draft each year, they must cut or promote enough players to get to 5 max. Fewer than 5 if they want to draft new prospects into open spots.

  2. Our first 5MiLB draft took place after the initial auction for the league, but subsequent drafts are held on December 1st, so 5MiLB rosters are filled each year before the Ottoneu main roster cut deadline and auction.

I wholeheartedly endorse adding 5MiLB to any league, it’s a very fun enhancement, whatever version of the rules you use.

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Thanks for the info! I’m looking forward to adding 5MiLB to our league and I posted the link here to everyone. Hopefully the setup goes smoothly.

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I’m incorporating the 5MiLB system into at least 2 existing leagues for 2017. Anyone have a 5MiLB “roster” document that I can use as a template? It’s obviously pretty simple but I thought it might be interesting to track the roster over time, and figured someone else has already come up with a good format.

Here you go @runfolk - should just be able to make a copy and tailor it to your leagues.


perfect, thank you! much appreciated.