5x5 $20 - Team has been claimed

Just had a very last minute abandonment of team and league is desperate to fill the spot.


Team name is Maybe Next Year - it will still need its one time cuts.

https://ottoneu.fangraphs.com/claimteams - under the available team section.

Any help is appreciated.


Team is still available - please help us. Thanks.

Have you checked on Slack? At worst you could probably get somebody to proxy the cuts and auction and then give it up to get a new manager. Or you could drop all players into the FA pool and play with 11 teams. Good luck.

Thanks for the info. What is Slack? I’m not the commish - just an active owner that visits the community more than the other owners.

I might can proxy for you if you need someone to cut/draft, but I don’t have interest in taking over the team long term.

Thanks Maximus17 - I’ll pass that along to commish.

To anyone looking - still prefer a full time owner and the team is still available.


It’s a message board of highly active Ottoneu folks. You have to be invited to join so if you’d like, send me your email and I’ll send you an invite.

Niv has posted in Slack and on Twitter a link to your message board post so you may get some responses.