5x5 - $75 Start-Up - 10MiLB League - Filled

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Looking for owners to fill out a 5x5 - $75 Start-Up League with 10MiLB. If you are interested, the League Charter can be found here: https://battle108.wixsite.com/the108. The draft will likely be split across two days, gearing toward the evenings of March 9/10, but not set in stone at this point. Email me for the password after looking the league charter over.

Email-> brycehobbs24@gmail.com (fastest response method)

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Edited to include League Charter link so it eliminates a step in the process. Message me for password after looking the league charter over.

If there would be more interest in a $50 league rather than a $75 league, I’d consider changing it to facilitate a league.

I’ve had interest from 5-6 guys but still looking to fill the league. Visit the league charter for league details (scroll up to original post). Feel free to message/email/reply here with questions.

Bumping for new visitors to the site

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Make sure to visit the Available Owners page and email anyone there that seems into 5x5

Ha I emailed them even if they preferred points! I’ve gotten interest from several, but still have several spots up for grabs until they join.

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9 spots left. Let’s get this thing filled.

6-7 spots left, we’re getting there

Had a couple people who had spots saved withdraw from consideration, which means there are two spots left. Working on setting the draft day/time right now, so the sooner you join, the more say you’ll have in the draft day(s).

2 spots remaining - Draft is March 10th @ 5pm EST & will finish up March 12th @ 9pm EST.

Down to 1 spot left. Take a gander at the league charter in original post (scroll up) and then email me if interested in what looks to be a very active and competitive league.

Draft is March 10 @ 5pm EST & March 12 @ 9pm EST.

League is full!

Had an owner drop out last minute… The draft is TONIGHT @ 5pm EST. The new owner will not have to pay a deposit as I still have the deposit from the owner that dropped out, but will need to cover the $75 entry fee.

Please let me know ASAP if you are interested. If I don’t find a replacement owner, I would really appreciate a proxy drafter. Planning to go from 5pm EST to 11pm EST with a few breaks.

League charter link can be found in the 1st post of this thread.

You still need someone

We found someone, thanks though!