60-day IL spot on draft night

My league auction is tonight and I have Luis Severino, who’s on the 60-day IL. My roster page shows I have 8 open roster spots (33 of 41 filled), but in the draft room the team recap in the bottom right corner shows I have only 7 spots to fill. Will I be allowed to draft 8 players tonight?

The 60-day IL does not give extra roster spots until after the auction draft is marked as completed. No team can leave the auction draft with more than 40 players.

The reasons for this:

  1. Not all players that WILL be on the 60-day for Opening Day are placed on the 60-day IL yet.
  2. This ensures that there is not over-valuing 60-day IL players during the auction draft
  3. There are scenarios in which a player is either added or removed from the 60-day IL during the draft, which would cause problems for roster legality, etc.
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Got it. Thank you!

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Should’ve checked the rules before posting!

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