9 Guard Games - is it 3 per slot or 9 overall

There are 9 games max for guards, and guards have 3 lineup slots. is there a max of 3 for each lineup slot? Or could I put, say 7 guards in the same slot (1 per day) and then 2 more in other slots.

How are those functionally different?

It is 3 games per slot, but as you get under 3 games remaining total at G for the week you will see fewer slots available. You will never see more than 3 slots available at G.

at the beginning of the week I like to lay out my weekly lineup in a spreadsheet and then set all the days in advance. So its helpful to know if its per slot.

for instance if I set Lillard to guard spot #1 on Friday it sounds like it wouldn’t be counted.

If you actively move players to the bench on days you don’t want them to play it will work, but I’d recommend checking every day for a couple of minutes to be sure.

yes I’ve noticed the past 2 weeks players that were in my lineup late in the week came off. I think if you ever go back and make any changes to a Wednesday lineup for example, it will update Thurs-Sun.

Yes, you have to explicitly put people in and out of the lineup. The system uses the last position before the current date that you put the player in to. If you put someone in at G on Monday and bench them Wednesday they will be benched for the rest of the week unless you put them back in to G on Thursday.

I’m actively working on a new solution for setting basketball lineups and hope to have an update this or next week.

yup, no problem. its all good. I just like to set the lineups on Monday because I tend to forget. Better to put something in than nothing.

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