A Draft Good For All Time Zones

I would like to see a online system set up by Ottoneu similar to the old " Gameday Ritual League. It lasted 3 days and it was good for owners on the west coast and east coast and all in between. It took 3 or 4 days and you could check on it when you had time.

It was a great system and maybe it can be researched and modified for use in Ottoneu.


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I saw you wrote a similar post in the CouchManager’s thread:

Have you used CouchManagers for a slow auction draft? In what ways is it different from what you are requesting? I am not familiar with “the Gameday Ritual League” and couldn’t find much when I googled after your previous post.

I have never used CoachManagers.The year GameDay Ritual closed I joined Ottoneu. I did play in another league that used a system that was supposed to be similar but it was off line not online and it was awful.
I just thought that if Ottoneu had it’s own online 24 hour draft that awarded player on the best bid it would be a selling point for the league. In the 4 Ottoneu leagues that I am in it can be hard to get people in different time zones to agree on a time that fits all the time zones. It could be controlled and self contained by Ottoneu. I love the Ottoneu live drafts but it can be hard to get everyone on the same page and start up leagues can take many hours of being at the computer all the time.

I can’t give you all the details because it was very detailed but I can remember some. It was a live draft that went on for a 24 hour period. It was A 3, 4, or 5 day free agent blitz they called it. Each of the say 12 members would nominate a player name with a bid. On the first day they would do this for 7 or 8 rounds of bids. It would tell you how competitive you bid was by giving you a color Green for the best by far, yellow for being competitive and red of being the worst bid by far. If you got a red right away you were eliminated right away from biding again on that player. It also had a penalty for biding on a player in the final minutes of the 24 hours. The did this by having Manager ratings. You could check on how the voting was going on you own schedule within the 24 hours.

Again, they were very detailed rules and you would have to get a copy of the old rules somehow or contact the former owners to get their help or buy the rights somehow. I wish I could help more but they had a good game that was similar to Ottoneu in some ways. I think Ottoneu is a great game. That is why I am in 4 leagues but IMO closing the divide between the coasts would make the product better.

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Thanks for these details, I’ll look more into it. I think the slow auction drafts offered by CouchManagers are a good fill-in for what you are looking for, as well.

I haven’t really seen the details as how slow auction work. I went online to see but is seem like you have to sign up and then find out. Is that right? Can you send me the link on the details as to how it works and I will be able to tell you how that differs from what Gameday did.

Here is an Ottoneu slow auction:


The Couchmanagers tips thread you replied to has some information on how to use CM for an Ottoneu league. Basically some set of players are nominated (3 per team? not sure) and bidding on them is open for some amount of time measured in hours rather than seconds. It doesn’t involve black box valuation or anything like that, just a slow auction that allows people around the world to draft without requiring everyone to be online at the same time.

Unless I am missing something.I don’t see a step by step process from the company itself as how it works. In the Gameday rules it spelled it out clearly step by step.There was some information under Auction help that gave an indication that some things were similar.

I just thought the information might be useful if Ottoneu decided to offer it’s our version of the Gameday draft or the CouchManagers draft. You might be able to do better. Just a thought. Let me know if you are able to find out how Gameday did it and if you think it can be useful to Ottoneu.

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