A Few Ideas/Requests

Hey Niv,

Had a few requests/ideas for OPL:

  1. Change in pts column for overall standings

  2. When clicking on the team name on OPL page, show the roster as of the snapshot (not current) - maybe highlighting players no longer on current roster in red

  3. OPL points production by position, including positive points on bench

Thanks for the consideration!

Thanks for the suggestions. In general, please break out each request into its own topic. It makes it easier for feedback from me and the community and easier to understand what has the most interest, etc.

Appreciate the ideas!

To talk specifically about these 3 ideas:

  1. This seems really trivial to add in, since I can just use the daily leaderboards! Great idea.

  2. I’m not sure I love this idea, so maybe breaking this out and having a longer convo would be good?

  3. I am working on OPL team pages and I think this could maybe fit into that down the line. I’m definitely going to forget about this though, I can sense it.