Abandoned team w/39 of 40 players - how does draft work?

Have a person that would like to take over a team that was abandoned which kept 39 players. Teams aren’t allowed to drop before our draft of course, so how does this work for the new owner? The old owner left $100+ in the budget, but will the new owner only be able to draft one player and then be done? Can they draft as many players as they like and then drop some after the draft is over to fit the roster size requirement?

The default settings when a new owner takes a team allow that owner to make one round of cuts with no penalty. It doesn’t matter when in the season, I believe. But for sure these cuts are automatically allowed in the off-season before the draft. The commissioner can change this, of course, but it is pretty standard that a new owner makes penalty free cuts before the draft.

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Search for “penalty-free cuts” on these forums to get some more color on how they work.

Awesome, thank you both.

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