Abandoned Teams Not Showing

Before I gave up the Commish Position at the end of the year, i set 4 teams as abandoned as their owners had already notified the league they will not be returning. These 4 teams have not shown up on the abandoned teams list for new prospective owners?
League: The Sandlot
Abandoned Teams: Long Gone, ShoTime, Baseball Team and KC Monarchs 42.

Thank you.

Could you link to the league or the teams?

I removed myself as Commish after abandoning the teams. Is it possible to add me back in as Commish and i try again? Thank you for your assistance.

Sure, link me to the league and I’ll do that.

[ Ottoneu Fantasy Baseball - home - The Sandlot - Baseball Team (fangraphs.com)

League : The Sandlot.
Also Congrats to your Indians…

I did not click link at bottom.
If commish option is loaded, i will abandone the 4 teams correctly and then drop commish option.
Thank you.

Scott T

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I’ll get to it tonight! No problem

Should be all set now, sorry for the delay.

Thanks, checked this morning. Looks like Commish Option is not available for League: The Sandlot. Sorry to be a pain. Enjoy weekend.

Scott T.

Forgot to update one thing, should be showing up now. Let me know!

Thank-you sir. Have a great Sunday…

Scott T

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