Abandoned teams

Wen a team is abandoned midseason, does the team continue to accumulate stats based on whatever the last lineup was. Is the team simply removed from the standings. Is there a place in the rules to read about the entire protocol for abandoned teams.

Yeah, “zombie teams” continue to accumulate stats based on their last lineup. They are not removed from the standings.

I’m not sure if it’s officially documented, but there are two ways a team can get abandoned (both require action by the commissioner*):

  1. The commissioner marks the team as abandoned, in which case the team appears in the “Claim Team” page; or
  2. The commissioner removes the user from the “Team Management” screen of commissioner tools, in which case the team doesn’t appear on the “Claim Team” page. It will be up to them to find a new owner via a forum post, Slack, etc.

Some people prefer (2) because it allows them a chance to vet the incoming owner. Some leagues require a new owner to pay the next season dues upon taking over the team (IIRC, a couple of years ago there was a joker who claimed a bunch of teams, made some dumb moves, and then didn’t renew).

*-if the zombie owner is the commissioner (sometimes happens), then email Niv and he can fix it for you.