Ability to "lock-in" lineup (visual reference)

Wish: When viewing the lineup page, adding a checkbox or radio button next to the player (this would highlight that player line to a darker grey). This would be a visual cue in the lineup page to let you know you have reviewed this position and are wanting to start that player. This would not physically lock them into their lineup spot, simply for reference.

Use case:
• After reviewing a couple OF spots, you have to step away to deal with something. Once you return, you forget which OF’s you reviewed and not sure which ones you wanted to start/already reviewed.

• Before going on a trip, you decide to plan your roster, you leave a few spots un-checked/not-highlighted. This way, you know which positions you want to review daily on your trip.


I can tell you right away this isn’t gonna happen. Perhaps you could use player notes for this?

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Would it be possible to add highlighting of players on your watchlist to the lineup page? That might allow for something along the lines of what the OP is asking for (FWIW, I agree that their original suggestion would be helpful).

So like I would watchlist Joc Pederson (a guy that I sometimes play, depending on the matchup) but not watchlist Mike Trout (a guy that I always start when he’s in the lineup). Or you could reverse it and only watchlist your players who you want to be sure to start every game that they’re in the lineup.

It’s not exactly the same thing, but it would be a visual cue that it’s a player whose inclusion in the lineup warrants some consideration. I could see where something along those lines would be helpful.

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The player note icon when it has notes on it does light up, which is why I thought about using it for this.


True, which is helpful! The problem I run into with that is each of my players have a note for their wOBA vs R & L.

Maybe a solution would be to move players to “minors” that you reviewed and wont start. While “benching” others you haven’t reviewed yet.

The only issue here is that if you do not get around to reviewing for that day, then they don’t play/produce.

Vs. L and Vs. R splits are available on the lineup page. Just in case you want to shift how you use your notes.

Those splits are just for the current season correct? Or is that career?

No it’s just for this season.

For my reference, exactly how many OFs do you have that play every day that are basically interchangeable in your mind?

Cool, didn’t realize that it did that if you had player notes it would light up on the lineups page. TIL! Guess I’ll be entering in career wOBA splits or something in the near future.

Anyway, right now I’m carrying 8-12 OF eligible players, including some multiposition guys like McNeil who usually starts at 2B or MI. It usually works out where I have 3-4 guys that are basically locks to starts and then 1-2 guys where I pick and choose based on matchups. I’d also note that at this point in the season some of the OF that I’m carrying are speculative bench guys that I’ll probably trim down a bit as the season goes on if they don’t wind up producing (e.g., Isbel).

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Someone in Slack (I think @joecatz) made the point that there is a lot of “extra” positional eligibility because of the special rules compensating for the short 2020 season. I wonder if that inflates numbers a bit too.

My instinct and the reason I said this isn’t going to happen almost immediately is that there just aren’t that many hard lineup decisions to make in a given day for most teams, and if you have more than 1 OF spot that is a “tough choice” you may want to rethink your roster construction (i.e. are you thin other places?). Adding extra “stuff” to the lineup page is always a tough sell though.

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8 OFs. I have a ton of multi-eligible players at 1B/2B/3B/SS/MI - so that is another spot where I am moving people around. However, its my first year too, so I maybe getting too cute with the lineup.

And you don’t have like, a clear good 3B or 2B or SS? How many positions do you have to make decisions on every day that aren’t obvious?

“My instinct and the reason I said this isn’t going to happen almost immediately is that there just aren’t that many hard lineup decisions to make in a given day for most teams”

My sentiments exactly.

I understand the intent behind this request and could see the benefit, but my preference is to keep the lineup page as is.

Postponements and injuries tend to thwart long-term lineup planning for me anyway.

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I tend to have an OF (or two when Springer is injured!) and MI position to figure out most days based on matchups. I agree that OP request was too much, but I think the watchlist request was pretty clever, as it repurposes existing functionality. It would give flexibility for noting something in your lineup you want to come back to, and I can’t think of any other reason you would currently watchlist one of your own players. Totally fringe/hacky idea, but I do like it!

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I am typically making approx. 2-4 swaps a day. But that maybe because I have a # of players injured, so I have replacement level guys that I am trying to decide on.