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Hey Niv,

Not sure if this is where I post this but league 74 in Ottoneu football has 12 owners and they have all paid. But 3 of the teams still show up on the claim page. Not a big deal but someone tried to claim one of the teams and now it has 2 owners. I just deleted him but was wondering if you could remove those teams from the claim page. Let me know if you need more info. Cheers,

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Hey this is my first time with Ottoneu and I’m trying to figure out the auction process. I read this in the rules - The team that bids the highest on a player wins the auction and will have that player added to their roster with a salary equal to the bid of the second highest bid plus one dollar - Doesn’t that mean that the minimum one can win a player for is $2? Our league has a bunch of folks that are at max bid, so, each of us with just $1 left to spend per roster slot will go over the cap for each auction they win, right? If that’s the case, how do we cancel our bids? Thanks

Hey kwicke, I’m just gonna jump in here (because somebody has to). In the rule as quoted that’s how auctions are handled when there are multiple bids only. When there are multiple bids, that’s definitely how it works… unless there is a tie, then the player goes to the lower ranked team at whatever the tied auction bid is (I’m sure that’s mentioned somewhere in the rules). Now if nobody else bids, then this rule doesn’t really apply- the player is bought at the minimum ($1) regardless of the lone bid’s value.

E.g., if you and me bid $4 & $6 dollars on an auctioned player, the price is $5 to the $6 bidder (the price of the second highest bid, $4, plus $1 = $5). If the bids are $4 and $100, the price is still $5 to the high bidder. And if we both bid $5, the price is $5 to the lower ranked team (tie-breaker).

If nobody else bids, you can bid $381 and still win the player for $1. Extreme example but it makes the point.

You can cancel bids anytime before the auction is scheduled to end. You can change/cancel your bids in the same screen that you use to register your bid.

Hope that helps.

Thank you! I figured it out eventually. Appreciate you jumping in.

Niv, is there an article or example of how Ottoneu football is played? seems like auction draft, then what?
Id like to jump in to a league.


Does this help? Might not have examples but here are the rules.

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Is Breece Hall in the ottoneu football player pool? Having trouble finding him to add to watch list.