About the Wishlist category

A forum for ottoneu players to provide feedback to creator Niv Shah and add to the “wishlist” of updates, changes, and additions you’d like to see from ottoneu in the future.

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If you see a wishlist item you would like to see, make sure to give it a “Like” (click the heart icon) - that makes it easy to see which wishlist items have the most community support!

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As a reminder on how to use this category: please “like” posts you agree with instead of writing “I agree”. Please make separate posts for every single Wishlist item instead of clumping multiple Wishlist items together or adding on to someone else’s Wishlist post. This is to help me track requests and so that User LIkes can be meaningfully tied to individual Wishlist items.

I want to be able to continue building things from this forum, but it will not be possible if it becomes too messy for me to easily track. So help me out and I’ll help you out, everyone wins!

Thanks y’all.