Absentee Owners and Thoughts on How to Handle?

I have 2 owners that don’t seem to be answering emails or have checked into their teams since well into last year(I think). I was just wondering if Ottoneu has a place that shows the commish the last time an owner logged in (Yahoo has this feature). Also is there a general rule on when I can find a new owner for their teams? Their renewal dates aren’t until end of March and I don’t wish to wait that long to find new owners.

Yes, you can see last login by going into Commisioner Tools/Current Owners, look for the Last Visited column. I would reach out to any owner that has been absent a while, and if they don’t respond I would find replacements. Did they participate in arbitration?

thanks, somehow I missed that column (Last Visited). I don’t believe they did participate in arbitration. I’ll send out one more email and give them a deadline. Thanks for the help.

Not participating in arbitration is arguably the single best reason to boot someone from a league.


What if the Commissioner is one of the teams that has been absentee (no allocation, no player drops, no trade updates)? how do we get a new commissioner?

Not a good sign if the commish is AWOL. Can email Niv to request giving you commish access to see the last time they logged in or possibly quit the league and find a more active one. Sorry to hear that.

Where do I find Niv’s email to do so. Our league (335) has a good core of about 6 pretty active teams, so I/(we) wouldn’t necessarily want to bail just because the commish is one of the non-actives.