Access to underlying raw data, especially for active stats

Hello. Our league has had a couple of very tight races where we needed to dive a little deeper in the stats to break ties and whatnot. Niv has always been very gracious to look into a couple stats for us. Moving forward, instead of bothering Niv, could we have access to the underlying raw data? Nothing fancy, even just a big csv or excel output would suffice. Something akin to the download rosters tool. Looking for all the raw stats that contribute to the rotisserie points. So, not just WHIP, but the raw number of walks + hits; not just SLG, but the raw ABs, 1B, 2B, 3B, HRs; not just ERA, but the raw earned runs. You get the idea.

Further, in a past format, we had access to active stats - stats accrued while the player is in the roster - even after that player was traded or cut. Currently, we can see “in roster” stats while that player is on our team, but once he moves, we can’t call that back up. We used to a silly internal contest for biggest steal or bust on trades, and being able to compare active states while the player was on Team A vs. Team B facilitated that.

Thanks for reading.

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