Accidental illegal roster

Hi Niv…my salary cap was at $400 and I decided to add Danny Duffy $1 and cut Nick Pivetta $1 to remain at $400 but it moved to $401 and is giving me an illegal roster at $401…the only way I can fix it is to cut Ryan Mountcastle at $8 which I don’t wanna do here. Can you please help? I have plenty of players at $1 and $2 bucks I can cut but it says I’m still illegal. I really need help here. Thanks

You should probably share this with your commish, I’m sure they can help you out. Maybe removing Danny Duffy or something.

$1 players leave a $1 cap penalty so cutting them is never a solution if you need a dollar.

Hi Niv…what if my Salary cap goes to $401 because I took the cap hit…does being over the $400 salary cap make my starting lineup illegal therefore I cannot score any points??..or does it only restrict my ability to add new players?

Illegal rosters mean you can’t change your lineup, make new trades or bid on free agents. You will continue to accrue stats.

OK so I am at $397 but I have auctions going on 4 players so if I win them all I will be at $401…but I have decided that I do not want Sean Doolittle but I wanna keep the other 3 auctions going so I want to delete that request for Doolittle…how can I do this? I no longer want him because it will put me at $401 and I do not want that to happen…I am brand new to Ottoneu and used CBS for years where I was always able to make changes and fix mistakes as a Commish but this client software is very different. How can I delete this request so I do not go to $401…I wanna keep Merryweather, Knebel, and Wade Davis Requests as that puts me at $400…I no longer want Sean Doolittle and want to delete it so I don’t go to $401…does this make sense? Please Help. Thanks!

Because auctions are blind bid and open to the entire league, once they are started they cannot be canceled.

Anyone can bid on any of those auctions so I highly recommend not publicly stating what you bid on each player if you want to win them.

@crazyhorse68 if you want, I can look at your roster and help you think through this. Send me a DM with a link to your roster. There’s ways to manage this - you’ll have to make cuts anyway so just have to make the right cuts.


Can our Commissioner cancel it if I ask him to do it? I don’t want 4 players to hit my roster and put me at $401…3 new players put me at $400 and keeps me legal…is there anything I can do or am I royally screwed here? I cannot drop any dollar or $2 players because that gives me more cap hits right? It looks like there is absolutely no remedy or solution to my problem here…is that correct? Please offer advice on how I can find a solution here. Thanks

No not at all! You have a lot of options, I’m sure of it. Ottoneu is its own thing and very different than other formats, so you may have to make some moves that seem unconventional, and you may briefly go illegal if you win all those auctions, but you have plenty of options towards your ultimate goal of making your team better on a whole.

I recommend taking Chad up on his offer to help, he will help you out and he knows this stuff as well as anyone.

I think that many new Ottoneu players have this experience. Hopefully only once, although sometimes you’ll see veterans win more auctions than they were expecting. That happened in one of my leagues about a month ago and it was kind of funny to see him scramble (he claimed a RP off of waivers and then won 4 RP at auction for $1 each). I wound up getting a cheap Ottavino (in a 5x5) because of it, which was cool.

Anyway, every time you start an auction, bid on a player, or claim a player on waivers, work out how you’re going to accommodate the player on your roster before making the nomination/bid/waiver claim. And then decide whether or not you’re willing to make the cuts to acquire the player. I move the player(s) that I’ll need to cut into the “cut” section of my roster organizer and then add the expected salary of the new acquisition to make sure that I’ll be legal. It takes 60-90 seconds, but it can really help prevent a roster crunch where you’re forced to cut a player that you’d rather not.

One final thought: always bear in mind that you need $1 free for each roster spot under 40. For example, a $399 with only 38 players is still an illegal roster. IIRC, that’s how I got myself into a roster crunch when I was starting out. I think people new to Ottoneu focus on the $400 (plus any loans) salary cap. But the roster cap is an important constraint to consider as well.

Don’t get me wrong…I do appreciate you guys offering me condolences and some advice BUT it looks to me like I am screwed because I will be at $401 with no way of deleting my mistake on Sean Doolittle. I don’t want the guy anymore but now there is no way to correct that. It’s frustrating that we cannot remedy mistakes without having to now cut players I don’t want to cut. There should be something available to make a fix now and then especially for new owners.

Like I wrote to you 4 days ago, the commissioner can absolutely remove players from your team without a cap penalty.

Auctions cannot be deleted and you are assuming you are going to win all these auctions which is not a correct assumption to make. However once a player is added to a team, it can be removed from a team.


@crazyhorse68 I’ve started two leagues as a commish in Ottoneu with new to Ottoneu players and have absolutely remedied situations like this for other players. They should be able to help you out for sure since this is a common new to Ottoneu situation! :slight_smile: