Active 5x5 needs 2 owners before cut deadline

The Denver Zephyrs and warning track power need owners.

Here is the league.

I answered on rotoworld but ill respond here too. Im interested! How much does the league cost?

  1. Do you know where to claim teams.

No I do not. And do we use leaguesafe or what?

I’m very knowledgeable with baseball but new to Ottoneu. I want the Denver Zephyrs. I know how it works basically but I’m still new to it

here is the link. find your team on this list.

look for your team there and it will make you pay to join. once you join my team is destiny’s beaver and feel free to message me at the league with any questions about format.

Denver is not on there and I see some cuts were just made. Are they taken?

If they are, Ill take the other, just would have preferred Denver

Looks like someone must have grabbed them. Bummer. Warning track has some talent. And the cool thing about ottonue is that you can cut everyone if you want and start over. Or rebuild by drafting prospects. In other words, you can rebuild any team. Warning track has some good players to build around.