Adael Amador autobenched for debut 06/09/24


I started Adael Amador, and he was autobenched due to “not starting.” He started and finished the game. League 1498, team BomberfromdaBronx.

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The last time I can find a conversation on the forums about debuts + auto-bench, it was around here:

Going forward from 2022, I do not make corrections for auto-bench. There are just too many moving parts to guarantee that auto-bench will always behave in a way that aligns with reality.

If a post like this one had been made well before Amador’s game started or if I had caught his debut on my own, he would have shown up as starting correctly. However, since he had the red X, the best thing to do (other than post to the forums) is turn off autobench, which knows nothing more than “red X = bench”.

This is stated on the lineup page:

The most important emphasis is at the end:

Use at your own risk.

Hope this makes sense.

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Gotcha. Appreciate the transparency. Bummer to find out this way, but good to know for the future. Thanks for the quick reply!


I appreciate your understanding on this one. I know it can be frustrating when stuff like this comes up.