Add ability to "show interest" in players on other rosters

One additional request that is somewhat linked to this previous request:

I think it would be especially helpful (especially just following arbitration), if there were an easier way for owners to express interest in another owner’s players. Yes, you can certainly go to the inbox and send a note about the players you’re interested in, but you have to flip back and forth between pages (especially on mobile) - it would be nice if this were more automated, and it would enhance the trade communication between owners.

One suggestion would be to have a small checkbox next to each player’s name on the Roster page. I could then click the box next to each player’s name and when I hit “submit”, it would send a standard inbox message to that owner saying “Lucky Strikes is interested in players A, B, C, D, and E”. It would be somewhat like the automated Trade Block updates, except it would be between just two owners (private).

I just send a trade offer listing who I like, and no one on my end. Also helps to add a note to clarify.

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Could someone help me understand why this is a better solution than existing messaging solutions?

Is there an easy way to do this today on mobile that I’m missing?

Let’s say I like seven players on your team. I’m getting old but I can’t always remember each of the players I want to tell you about without flipping back and forth between your roster screen and the inbox message I’m typing to list them. That constant toggle between screens on mobile is challenging on the go, and short of just sending a fake trade offer with all of them listed, it seems like their should be a faster way.

I could be missing something. This isn’t an issue on desktop but I assume most owners are using mobile. If I’m trying to lay the groundwork for interest in players on 11 other teams, a different method would save time.

Mobile is a good point, though I can imagine a number of other solutions you could employ in that situation.

This is not a correct assumption at this time.

If others have thoughts, please let me know. I have heard ESPN used to have something like this and some of you liked it, I think?

I don’t post here much but I’m curious why the propose trade feature won’t work? I’d rather niv spend his time on other projects, as what is being requested here already exists…

I think the point @LuckyStrikes made about mobile experience is a fair one, but I don’t think this will be high priority for now. I don’t think Ottoneu particularly has the “not enough trades” problem so while I believe the solution proposed could be interesting, it’s working towards a problem that Ottoneu at this time does not have.