Add indicator in trade proposal that shows player is unavailable

When proposing a new trade while another trade has already been accepted it would be great to have some indication that a player is now unavailable to be traded away or traded for.

For instance, Team B has already traded away Tim Tebow in a trade that has been accepted but not yet processed. I want Tim Tebow, because who doesn’t, and I’m unaware that he’s been traded away already. Currently I can select Tim Tebow on Team B’s roster but get an error message when proposing a trade saying that there is an invalid player selected. It would be good to know that I missed out on Tim Tebow in this scenario and will have to find a way to make a move with him once he finds his way to his new team. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Yeah this exists in baseball, and I noticed a need for it when I highlighted trade block guys on the trade wizard, so this is coming soon. Probably a blue highlight across the site for players in pending trades.


On the trade page, players who are in accepted trades now have their checkbox disabled and their names are grayed out, indicating they are not available for trade.

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