Add Injury / Prospect sections to lineup page

Any chance of including Injury and Prospect sections for the Lineup view page (similar to that for baseball)? With such large benches, it would make sifting through to find players actually available a lot easier.

I second this notion for the exact same reasons.

Didn’t acknowledge this but definitely on board.


The lineup page now has “Injury” and “Prospect” sections. There is a chance that it might affect scoring tonight, so I’ll continue to monitor that.

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Thank you!

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I noticed the addition of an injury and prospect roster spot … how do those spots work exactly and what is their impact to the salary cap and roster spots?

Injury Spot - For example, I moved Jamal Murray to my Injury spot but what are the implications of that vs keeping him in a regular bench spot?

Prospect Spot - Who qualifies for this? Is it just players in NCAA / international / G League?

Hey Niv, it looks like the injury and prospect spots don’t change over to the schedule view when using that view. They keep the stats view:

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There would be no impact to your salary cap or roster spots, this is purely cosmetic. They are just “positions” where you can slot players for help in organizing your bench.

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I’ll check it out

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these views seem to have disappeared today…

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They are still there.

If you visited the November 1 lineup page sometime in the past, you may have set a lineup for this date without knowing it. So you probably have a lineup in the DB created from before when there were Injury/Prospect sections.

If you click on any of the players you’ll see the Injury and Prospect sections are still there.

Yeah, working as designed for me.

Having the same as Miguel… not that the view ‘disappeared’, just that some of the dudes in injury/prospect got kicked out at the start of the new week. I am unable to prove that I haven’t visited the 11/1 lineup page ever before so that might be the reason why, but just was +1’ing Miguel’s post

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I see…thanks

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Ok I’ll double-check.

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I’m still having troubles with players starting in the injury section. I don’t set my lineup days ahead but I still have to move the injured players back. I have had no issues with the prospect section. I can provide league ID if need be. Thanks for taking a look.

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I’ll check this out tomorrow. Haven’t had this issue but know others have