Add Last 10 average salary to search results

Niv – Would it be possible to add a Last 10 column to the table of players generated on the Players page? It’s got average and median, which really don’t vary a lot most of the time, whereas the Last 10 really can show a big difference, especially this time of year. Thanks!

The last 10 and overall averages are on all player pages. Also, this should go in a wishlist topic I think?

Niv – Yeah, that’s great it’s there, but I was thinking also on the list of players you can generate when you click on the Players menu item. A Last 10 column here would be super useful so you don’t have to click thru to each player to see their Last 10.

Ah that’s the search page, not the player page.

Adding more stuff to search makes search slower, and there are already a ton of columns in search results, especially in points leagues. I’m not sure every single piece of information about a player needs to be available in search results.

For sure on there being a lot of info there already and there’s gotta be some limit. I find the Last 10 info to be about the most important thing in doing draft prep, though, and being able to see it in list form for multiple players at once would be a great help this time of year. Swapping it in for avg or median would be my vote. But I know you can only fit in so much. One way or the other, I’ll get my draft cheat sheet into shape. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Last 10 add averages are in the average value export which combined with the roster export is probably the right place to start on any draft sheet, I think.

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What you could do is head over to the Average Salaries page and export to CSV for your league format. Next, do a roster export of your league rosters to CSV and then do a vlookup from the team roster page to the CSV with the average salaries page to be able to identify the free agents in your league as well as pull in their salaries for your league. It shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to set up in Excel if you’re familiar with the vlookup function (and if you’re not, it’s worth learning because it’s a very useful Excel skill to have).


Ha great minds. Thanks for explaining in a bit more detail.


Thanks for the Excel tips and that sounds doable. Although I’m still not sure why showing both median and average on the search page makes more sense than swapping one of those out for Last 10, given the rarity of much significant deviance between avg and median. Last 10 seems like a better use of that precious screen real estate.

And I should say that I’m mostly obsessing about this Last 10 stuff because of how often it’s referred to on the Ottobot podcast, so you brought my pestering on yourself Niv! :wink:

But I’ll be done and start getting to know the Vlookup feature of Excel. Thanks for the feedback and discussion about it.

I think median and average are more meaningful aggregates, though Last 10 is kind of interesting during draft season. Last 10 is only useful in conjunction with median/average as context I think.

Either way, doing a search and copy + pasting a table is not a complete way to make a draft sheet. If your goal is a draft sheet the exports are what you need. Search is simply not meant for creating a draft sheet.

Copy and paste?!? I’m using paper and pencil! :upside_down_face: But that’s part nostalgia because it takes me back to my Strat-O-Matic days when we’d all keep track of our team’s stats in spiral notebooks and need to copy things over to a new page when we erased holes in the paper every 20 games or so. Those were the days!

But I jest a bit — I use the export feature a bit and spreadsheets. When it gets down to the one piece of paper in front of me for the draft, though, that’s by hand. I actually find there’s something about slowing down and writing out the cheat sheet that makes me consider each player better and internalize the data that, I hope, makes me better at reacting quickly in the draft room. That’s the theory anyway!

Well if you do set up a spreadsheet with the exports, here’s a way to use the data to try to estimate the probability that players will be available at given prices. YMMV, but it can be helpful for budgeting and you’ll have all of the data on hand to calculate the probabilities fairly easily:

FWIW, this thread inspired me to add a sort by Last 10 feature on both the Public and Premium versions of the SC for the FA tab


Awesome! Thank you, Justin. Will the Last 10 update automatically as more drafts happen?

It uses the aforementioned exports, so yes.

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