Add mock draft roster organizer

Niv. These mocks are awesome. One comment as I head into my first one. Having access to a team page is great, but if there was a way to link to the roster organizer instead that would be a huge help. I’m confident many people (like myself) use this feature DURING the actual auctions and it would be a great add to the mocks to create a more realistic experience.

First off, really glad you are excited to check out the Mock Drafts feature for baseball! Thanks for the kind words.

The roster organizer as its currently implemented is tied directly to being part of a league and a real team. I think it would be a pretty big lift to tie it to a mock draft. I’ll consider the effort in the future when I have a bit more time, but as you may imagine, things are a bit crazy right now. If this wishlist item gets a lot of votes, I’ll think about it!

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