Add player details in cap penalties section of roster page

A small improvement for players shown in the cap penalties section of the roster page, if possible: could you add the team, POS, IL status, news, and notes indicators/icons beside the player name? It’s shown elsewhere on the page and very useful to see if I want to reauction any of these players for reasons other than the usual cap hit reduction.

Thanks as always for considering!

Edit - I should clarify I was using an iPad at the time of writing this! I see now there’s less room on desktop/phone with cut date also displayed. Nevertheless, this would still be useful to see.

I’m guessing you sorta hit why that stuff isn’t there, because of space concerns, but I’m happy to revisit.

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I could see where IL status and player news could be helpful to have on hand when deciding whether to start on auction on a previously cut player. However, I’m not sure that the players’ positions and teams are all that relevant in this instance. If I had them on my team in the first place, then I already know the position and team. So maybe a compromise is worth considering?

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Agreed. News and IL status are the most helpful for this set of players.

Makes sense to me.


Personally I think the cap penalty section is nice and clean and easy to view. Player names are links to their player page where all relevant info can be found. My concern is the cap penalty section could become too busy.

Not sure it would bee too busy with the standard news and notes icons. But I do see the point that it could be too much. Could be a helpful view though