Add salary column to watchlist

Long time listener, first time Ottoneu basketball player. Three relatively minor requests:
(1) separate the team and the salary on the watch list. This will allow sorting by team or salary and be helpful for looking at all of the guys one might like on a given squad;
(2) provide daily stats summaries for a team. In baseball I really enjoy looking at my team’s combined performance for the day, and start to develop an idea of a good vs bad day. This would be nice to see in basketball too, especially because I don’t have the capacity to figure out my team’s FG% for the day;
(3) In the weekly matchup page, in addition to the daily stats, it would be good if there was a summary to see by player the combined stats for the week. For example, I’m curious who is driving me getting crushed in REB, and don’t want to have to go through each day to figure it out.

Can you split this into 3 posts and consider what I wrote in Slack about your 3rd point before posting it? Thanks

Apologies, as mentioned I’m not super familiar with this forum. While I understand that team production can give me the year-to-date numbers, I was specifically meaning in #3 a desire to look at the weekly totals. I do this in H2H baseball all the time. But, that might just be me. Not a huge deal if it can’t be implemented.

This is now complete - if you go to a basketball box score, you’ll see a Starter Totals and Bench Totals line as part of the overall box score.

I will track this request over here: H2H Matchups: Total points by each player during the matchup - #5