Add to watch list from search page

A little button to add players to the watch list from the player search page. This alleviates the need to open another tab/window for for player page.


Yes, this is on the list already. Search needs to be sped up more first.


I was just about to add this same Watch List item to wishlist and found this first.

@nivshah is there any update on this being added potentially? With Watch List working with drafts it would be great to find players and easily add them from the search page instead of having to open a ton of tabs to add each player individually to my Watch List. Thanks!

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Will be added at some point, but no pressing update.

I guess I can update that search has gotten a speed boost, so adding action buttons to start an auction, bid, or add to / remove from watchlist can come into play pretty soon.


that would be a great addition :slight_smile:

Similar to the “W+” button in the auction room, I would find a quick watchlist button or toggle helpful when using the players page. There doesn’t seem to be a faster way to add players to a watchlist from the player page than opening dozens of tabs at once to click through.

Edit: darn, thought this was original, but I had searched watchlist as one word lol


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This is moving up the priority list. If you want me to prioritize this make sure to like the original post.

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Today I’m happy to roll out single-click watchlist add and removal from the search page.

The star icons can be used to add players to your watchlist.

You can, likewise, remove players from your watchlist by clicking the star.

This is live now, let me know if you run into any issues. @robdohn already had a Genie badge, but thank you for the popular wishlist item!


Leaving a note here to remind me to update the draft room to move from “W+” and “W-” to these stars, which seem more intuitive.

On the iPhone, both the mobile and desktop versions show up as an empty box in the header, but only the player names below it, with all other headers offset by one column, and no stars anywhere.

That’ll happen if you have old JS - make sure to clear your cache!

UPDATE I bumped some stuff on my end so make sure to refresh the page if you are missing the star column.

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Works great!

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The auction draft now uses stars instead of W+/W- for the draft-specific watchlist.

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