Add Trade Notes to Trade Status & History Page

Problem statement: want to recall which players a team was interested in, but we’ve sent dozens of offers back and forth with most of the relevant information exchanged via trade notes

Proposed solution (open to others of course): Add the trade notes to the Trade Status & History page so we can query / search the same as the team / player names involved.


When you say trade notes, do you mean messages you send back and forth?

Ah maybe you mean the trade comments?

I think this is a good use case for the team notebook. Every time you see a team name you should be able to click on notes right next to them and keep track of whatever chat you’ve had.

Adding trade comments to that page would make it a very messy page and much slower to load, and I think the team notebook really solves a lot of this if you can make it part of how you use the site.

Yep, trade comments - fair enough. It adds another step to the process, but point taken.

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Try it out and see how you feel after you get used to using it. Team notebook is like, exactly for this kind of stuff.

Just to go a click deeper on how I use those pages - I typically get the email about a trade rejection (along with the notes) and say “oh well” and move on. I don’t ever visit the trade screen of a recently rejected trade, since it disappears immediately from the league page (as it should).

Also small nit, but I see the messages button next to the team name on the trade screen, but nothing about notes unless I navigate to the team’s roster.

Let me double-check that the team notebook stuff is on the view trade page.

I’ve added team notes to the trade block and when viewing a trade. You now should be able to update your team notes really easily when thinking about trades.

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Nice, thanks!

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