Adding injured players to a full roster

I have a full 40 man roster and I also have money to spend. Can I pickup a player on the 60 day DL/IL and then put him right into an open IL slot? Or do I need an open roster spot to be able to acquire the player and then place him in the IL slot? Hope that makes sense… Thx

If a player is on the IL, they automatically add a roster spot to your team. They have to be on the IL of their actual MLB team. Owners and commissioners cannot add or remove players to the IL.

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Thanks Niv,
So let’s say for example, Salvador Perez is officially placed on the 60 day IL by the Royals next week (or maybe he is already). If I bid on and win him at auction, with a full 40 man roster already in place, Perez would become in essence my 41st player. Are you saying with an official IL status on him, after I acquire him, he will automatically be slotted onto an open IL spot on my team?

They are not put into any place on your lineup or Roster Organizer automatically. They just add an additional roster spot to your team. You’ll have 41 roster spots, so you won’t be an illegal state in terms of too many players.

Ok, i guess that was what I was trying get to: whether I would be in an illegal state. Thanks again!