Additional FGPTS scoring option - no Holds or Saves

I really enjoy Fangraph Points but feel that Holds & Saves are the most arbitrary scoring within the system. They are an attempt to award pitchers pitching in high leverage situations, but as most of us are aware, leverage changes dramatically within a game and the final innings are often not significant. The best relievers are often getting their time as long middle relief or prior to when a hold or save might be rewarded, but there value is diminished within this format because they are missing out on the large bonus of Holds and Saves.

The easiest way I can think of to mitigate rewarding bad pitchers for pitching at the end of the game is to reward no one.

Personally, along with this type of change Iā€™d probably expect to see a split innings requirement between Starters and Relief to keep RP relevant within the scoring system.