After executing a trade, traded players remain on weekly lineup page

We had a trade execute this week. The guys I traded away still show up on my lineup page. But the new guy I received can be added to lineups just fine. No problem for me. My counterpart also has his former player still showing and greyed out. But he says he is not allowed to place the new guys he received into a lineup on the weekly lineup page. League is #47, named Barkley is a National Treasure. Opponent team having the difficulty is Barles Charkley.

Yeah the old players will show up on your lineup page, though you won’t be able to place them in your lineup any more. It seems possible to me that they might still be taking up lineup slots if they were placed in the lineup and then traded - is that what is happening?

The person who can’t place players should post here - what errors are they seeing? What happens when they try to put someone they just acquired in their lineup?

Just to be clear: traded players should remain on the weekly lineup page if they started the week on your team. If you played them and then traded them, them disappearing would make no sense!

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Related issue here - completed a trade, and now I’m experiencing some wonky issues with my roster setup. On the weekly tool - projected games remaining = 0, but if I go to my matchup - I am not using any of my utility spots. Also - the player I traded for (Donovan Mitchell) I can add to my lineup later in the week, but the tool won’t let me add him today. I’m going to try to use the daily lineup setter to get around this but would love some help. Niv - let me know if any screenshots would help

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Is he grayed out for today on the weekly view?

Did you trade someone out of your Util spot?

Did the trade process today?

Is he grayed out for today on the weekly view? Yes

Did you trade someone out of your Util spot? Yes

Did the trade process today? Yes

I’m going through now and manually setting my lineup with the daily tool, calculating available spots, and it seems like things are sticking! Works (hopefully?) but it’s taking a bit to go position by position

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I think if you wait 10 minutes without doing anything, the projected games remaining numbers will re-calculate and you should see accurate numbers. Let me know if that holds to be true. This is assuming the trade just processed recently.

I’ll look into why players acquired via trade are grayed out on the Weekly Lineups view for the day they were acquired. Probably a bad time comparison in the code somewhere.

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Just as a side note, this does not seem to affect players acquired by auction - only players acquired by trade.

Confirming - let it sit for ~40mins and the weekly lineups view did adjust to more accurately portray projected games remaining. still having issues showing my traded player’s allocation to a lineup spot today, but - I added via daily and he appears to be in the lineup as per the weekly schedul

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Could you link me to your league and let me know your team name? I am closing in on the Weekly Lineup issue.

Sure thing: Charles Ottoneu,

Team is RuffinPuffs

Thanks for the help!

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Ok, I believe this should be fixed. The weekly lineup view will correctly recognize players that have been acquired via trade as being on their new team on the date the trade is processed.


Awesome! Can confirm - it’s all showing up correctly on the weekly lineup view. appreciate the quick fix!

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