Alert when auction starts for player on Watchlist

The Watchlist feature is nice, but it would deliver more value if owners got a special notice (presumably email) when an auction starts for a player who is on their Watchlist. Ideally, there would be a user-configurable setting to turn off that type of notification, for owners who don’t want it.


Bumping this one – I think it would be a big improvement if the Watchlist was announced (even just on the email that announces the auction).

A lot of times I’ll throw a guy on the watchlist because I read some buzz on him, and then forget about him for months. It would be a nice reminder to read up on somebody when they are put up for bid.

I get an email every time an auction is started that includes the name of the player. Are you looking for something like a second email reminding you that the player was on your watchlist?

Precisely. Essentially a reminder saying “this guy is on your watchlist”. I get 4, 5, 6 auctions some days. I use the watchlist to mark guys that I don’t really know.

Honestly best would be a second category saying “send me an email any time someone on my watchlist gets cut/traded/bid for auction”.

As of now the watchlist is just a scratchpad to write names on, which is useful, but it could be more so.

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I think a good solution may be to highlight players who are on a team’s watchlist, both in the various transaction lists and on the current auction lists. Sending emails is pretty costly and we already send out a lot of emails without sending each auction notification individually. They are currently sent to all owners in a league at once.


That solution is a bajillion times better.


Ok, I’ve rolled out a light yellow highlight for players that are on your watchlist. This will appear on transaction lists and live auction lists. An example:

Let me know what you think!


Hey Niv, this update doesn’t seem to be showing in safari. I cleared the cache and it wasn’t highlighting. It does in chrome and another browser that isn’t WebKit, but provides a user agent that is safari.

This looks good though, and definitely helps to remind me to use the watchlist more often (removes Phil Hughes from list).

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It’s showing up in safari now, not sure if anything changed or if the css info was cached separately.

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I probably should have pushed a CSS cache buster with this change, but didn’t. Guessing it was that.

Looks great on Chrome

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Great implementation, @nivshah. Thanks!

@fquizon said it all better than I did.

Hooray, community!