Alex(ander) Ramirez(es)

Not quite sure if much can be done about this, Niv, but posting here nonetheless. There are two Dominican Alexander Ramirezes who play OF in MiLB, one that goes mostly by Alex and is something of a hot shot prospect in the Mets org and the other that goes largely by Alexander and is a more long shot prospect in the Angels org. The problem is both are listed as being in the Mets org, and it looks like this is also a problem over on Fangraphs (which is, I’d guess, the source for your data and why it carries though to ottoneu). Any chance you can get this cleared up?

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I’ll spend some time on this today.

I’ve fixed this on the Ottoneu side for now, but waiting to hear back from FanGraphs on the underlying issue.

Thanks, Niv, will await a response from Fangraphs. Not sure if this reverted since you posted the fix, but it is still displaying them both as NYM when I search in the Players menu:

Yeah the FanGraphs data provider overrode my changes. I’ve made FanGraphs aware and I’m waiting on them.

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Our dude Alexander Ramirez is on the Angels now