Alex Bregman - Another Great Young SS


Don’t look now but Bregman has a .340 wOBA through his first 173 PA, and a .407 wOBA over the last 30 days (126 PA). What a fantastic collection of young SS the game has at the moment!


The replacement level for both SS and 2B this year have risen quite a bit. Will be interesting to compare in the off season


This is a prime example of why you can’t use 1 season to determine replacement level.


Bregman is now up to a .349 wOBA, and a .427 wOBA over the last 30 days.


Where do you rank Bregman long-term for Ottoneu? Is he a SS? Throwing out Machado, I put Bregman behind Seager but after that? If he’s a SS, then he jumps Correa since Correa won’t likely be SS-eligible (though I suppose they could both qualify there for a couple years if they fill in for one another a few times). Ahead of Bogaerts? Probably. Ahead of Turner, Lindor, Story, et al. Yep.

What do you guys think?


Looking at 2017, I think my top SS rankings would be (right now):

Tier 1
M. Machado
C. Seager
C. Correa

Tier 2
X. Bogaerts
F. Lindor

Tier 3
T. Story
T. Turner
A. Bregman

Tier 4
J. Segura
J. Villar
A. Diaz
T. Tulo

Tier 5
B. Crawford
B. Miller
A. Russell

If Ian Desmond signs as a SS in a decent ballpark, I think I’d put him in Tier 4.


But that’s only factoring in 2017 value, right? I’m thinking more about long-term value. In other words, I’m curious what people’s ranking would be, today, for 2018/2019 shortstops. I’m trying to think about longer-term planning and how people would factor in long-term projections and risk of guys losing SS eligibility (i.e. Machado, Bregman or Correa, Turner maybe). That’s the beauty of Ottoneu!


All it takes is 1 DL stint from Correa for Bregman to keep that SS eligibility.