Allocation strategy

Are news of allocations distributed to all the owners as they are made or are they kept confidential and announced only at the end of the allocation period? As a new owner i would like to see how the veterans do their allocations before I do mine. It also might influence my decision to allocate dollars to specific players. Is there a competitive advantage to doing the allocations at the last possible moment?

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The former. Allocations are immediately public information. Further, you can change allocations up until the deadline.

In terms of an advantage, I’d say it depends on your mindset. Imagine you have a dollar to allocate. Putting $1 on a player with no allocations clearly increases that salary by $1. That might not be such a big deal for that owner. However if a player already has $8 and you add another, that dollar might have more “power” in terms of swaying the owner’s decision to keep or to drop.

In my league, it is clear that some owners like to spread their allocation dollars, and others like to jump on the bandwagon when allocating. If you are a bandwagon kind of person, then you should wait till the very last moment to allocate so you know where other owners have already placed their money.


I don’t see much competitive advantage in waiting until the last moment. Just like you want information on what other people are doing, they want information on what you’re doing. The more time there is to assess the situation, the more strategic allocations can be.


Just for clarity, the amounts are immediately public, but who gave what amount of money only becomes public at the end of the process.

This is true across all Ottoneu Fantasy Sports games.


I do not believe there is a single correct allocation timing strategy. I view allocation dollars as either serving to drive up an opponent’s base salary or increase the likelihood the opponent cuts the player.

I usually spread out allocation dollars early in the allotted time. I do this for a couple of reasons. First, if I forget to come back before arbitration ends, I will not have wasted my allocation dollars. Second, by spreading out the dollars early, I can help “flag” players of interest for the rest of the league.

I tend to subscribe to the approach of allocating to drive up base salary. If I remember to revisit, I will reevaluate right before the deadline and potentially redistribute my dollars in a way where I believe the players will remain on a roster. Usually, there are a few players’ costs that get driven up too high for my taste. That gives the owner a single cut that frees them of most allocation dollars against their roster.