Allow football commissioners to edit salaries

Thanks. He was finally able to get in this morning. Is there any way to open up arbitration for him? He was the only manager that didn’t get it done, since he couldn’t get in. League 101, Team 1272.

No, arbitration is closed globally. The commish can apply increases manually if they want.

Is there a timeframe that opens up? I do not see the option in Commish Tools

I’ll add ‘change salary’ as an option for commissioners later today.

Hi Niv, following up on this update

Broke this into a new topic so I can track it. I’m working on it, have a couple other users who also asked for this functionality.


Football and basketball commissioners can now manually modify player salaries. This will show up as an ‘increase’ transaction in the league transaction history for full transparency.

To change a salary, simply change the number in the text box to what you want the new salary to be, and click Change Salary.

Thanks for your patience in getting this feature into these sports!


When I try to change the salary, I get the following error, “That player is not on that team”

I’ve fixed this issue.


Works like a charm- all set here. Many thanks, Niv!

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