Allow H2H teams on bye access to Lineups page OR add last X days filter to Roster Organizer

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Not having access to the Lineups page, where the last 7/15/30 day stat splits are, makes it harder to plan/strategize when bidding on players during the bye weeks.

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Unintended consequence for sure. I’ll look into making the lineups available if you are on a bye.

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During the playoffs teams with a bye cannot view their roster. This is fine except that one very useful planning tool is only visible through “Set Lineups,” namely the “Next 7 Games” function which is super useful for tallying whether you are going to hit your GS cap. Perhaps lineups could be visible but not editable for playoff teams during bye weeks, or something similar.

Yep, totally agree, per my earlier post in this thread.

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I have had a really nutty week this week so I will probably not get to this in time for it to matter this post-season. However I will try to have this updated before the end of this MLB season, so I don’t forget about it until next September.

Next year, teams who are either on bye or eliminated from the playoffs will still be able to see their lineup page, just in a read-only format if they don’t have any games that week.