Allow the Trade Wizard to be active even if you can't trade

Would it be possible to access the trade wizards page during the roster lockdown prior to drafting? Instead of getting “Rosters are locked” message after clicking instigate trade button, maybe we are able to access the side-by-side trade screen and don’t get the “rosters are locked” message until (if) we try to actually submit the offer.

Its kinda fun to geek out with the trade wizard, and is a handy tool for discussion purposes. Its currently about a 1.5 month lockout for teams that don’t draft until just before the season starts. Also, not really a big deal…


Just going to second this request, would love to see this implemented!

Modification or permutation of the roster organizer page - an internal team page to play around with the impacts of trade scenarios to your team. Could be something like two columns:
C1: place your current rostered player into positional slots (starting roles and bench roles, same as roster organizer)
C2: Put the players to be acquired and shuffle around remaining players
Could be very simple, no stats or simple stats (P/G, Pts) and the details that are part of the player name/ID (name, team, pos, $). Both columns can calculate dollars and roster size.

I think this wishlist item is in line with what you are asking for. Let me know if not!

Not quite - I’m thinking more like a side by side roster org page so I can add the trade players and view the trade from the perspective of my new roster against my old roster (instead of just the players in the trade). Here is my current 40-man (# and $), here is the future 40-man (# and $), and I can view how the trade impacts ideal lineup, depth, and so on. I can also “nest” trades in the future roster to see a potential end state.

I can add the players to roster org and move everyone around like that now but it’s not as easy to see as side-by-side. Then I have to reset the page to use it for my current roster configuration (I like to organize my current roster using the org to see my ideal lineup, rank players I intend to cut, etc.). I usually do the above in excel during the heavy trading periods.

Also it would also be cool if this page (or even the current roster org page) summed up positional eligibility, e.g. 1B - 2, 2B - 4, SS - 6, 3B - 1, OF - 9, so you can quickly evaluate depth (numbers should add up to be greater than number of rostered players due to positional eligibility).


This sounds like a wishlist request that supersedes the original wishlist item then. A more complete trade simulation tool. Since it would be a planning tool, it’d be available year-round.


Yeah that sounds more like what I’m thinking. Being able to compare different versions of your roster versus just the players in the trade.