Allow us to reorganize teams in dashboard

Right now it’s by league number only. It would be cool to allow us to sort them differently if wanted.

Click the field in the header at the top of the dashboard and it will sort by that field.

Thanks man. I never noticed that before

I’d still like the option to make it static though

Bumping this again because I was just about to post a new thread about it.


Would there be a way to permanently re-order the dashboard (ala drag and drop) and have it mirror in the drop-down menu when within a league?

This would add a lot of work on my end for something that only a small portion of users would use and I don’t think adds a ton of value. I’m hesitant to undertake this project, given my gut cost-benefit.

If you really want to sort your dashboard / team-picker teams, please give the original post a thumbs-up and add on with your use case.

I appreciate the suggestion, of course.

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