Allowing a new manger to arb after arb is closed

A new owner who claimed a team is asking if he can allocate arb to other teams since the previous owner didn’t participate. Is that allowed?

It’s a league decision. If it’s just one owner, then it’s not terribly difficult for the commissioner to tweak a dozen or so salaries. So certainly possible; the question is whether you should.

The reason not to do it is that transactions may have already occurred with the assumption that salaries following arbitration were final for 2023.

At this point, I’d be inclined to not allow it. FWIW.


Thanks Walt. You’re response was very helpful. We did not allow it.


I agree with Walt to a certain extent. I noticed this question was posted on Dec. 22nd. So, my opinion (and we know all about opinions] if it was closer to the deadline and there were no or only a few trades made, as a commissioner, I might allow it with league input. But December is way past the arb deadline. JMO.

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On further review, I believe Walt and I are saying the same thing.

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